The Pilgrim – Deluxe Edition (Bundle #1)


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**Please note that this product is shipped in two parts**

Bundle Contents:

  1. One autographed 20th Anniversary Pilgrim Poster
  2. One copy of The Pilgrim – Deluxe Edition Double Vinyl + CD

Track Listing


1)- Intro (Marty Stuart/The Pilgrim)

2)- Sometimes The Pleasure’s Worth The Pain

3)- The Pilgrim (Act I)

4)- Harlan County

5)- Reasons


1)- Love Can Go To…

2)- Red, Red Wine And Cheatin’ Songs

3)- Truck Stop

4)- Hobo’s Prayer

5)- Goin’ Nowhere Fast


1)- The Observations Of A Crow

2)- Intermission

3)- The Greatest Love Of All Time

4)- The Greatest Love Of All Time

5)- Draggin’ Around These Chains Of Love


1)- The Pilgrim (Act II)

2)- Redemption

3)- The Pilgrim (Act III)

4)- Outro (Marty Stuart/The Pilgrim)

5)- Mr. John Henry, Steel Driving Man


BONUS CD Track Listing

1)- The Pilgrim (Act IV)- with Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Connie Smith, Emmylou Harris, and Marty Stuart (Unreleased Alternate Take)
2)- That’ll Be All Right With Me- with the Rock & Roll Cowboys: Steve Arnold, Brad Davis, Gary Hogue, Gregg Stocki, Marty Stuart, Adam Wood, and Jim “Moose” Brown(Unreleased)

3)- Been Lonely Too Long- with Richard Bennett, Harry Stinson, Glenn Worf, Barry Beckett, Terri Wilson, Mick Conley, and Marty Stuart (Unreleased Pilgrim project demo)

4)- I Think We’re In Texas- with Manuel and Emmylou Harris (Unreleased)

5)- Shout Little Lulie- with Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Marty Stuart (Unreleased)

6)- Call and Response- with Uncle Josh Graves and Marty Stuart (Unreleased)

7)- Evelina- with Uncle Josh Graves and Marty Stuart (Unreleased)

8)- Tennessee Wagoner- with Earl Scruggs and Stuart Duncan (Unreleased)

9)- Even Trains Have To Cry- with Fabulous Superlatives; Paul Martin, Harry Stinson, Kenny Vaughan, Marty Stuart along with Gary Carter (Unreleased Pilgrim Project Demo)

10)- The Vanishing- with Marty Stuart and Mick Conley (Unreleased Pilgrim Project Demo)